Eco-Friendly Paper Coffee Cups Get a Vibrant Holder That Folds Up and Down Like an Accordion


The Accordion Paper Cup is a stack of portable, eco-friendly coffee cups with lids, designed by Shenzhen Samore Design&Research Product Planning. The cups feature a vibrant ombre-shaded accordion holder that can stretch and collapse like an accordion, giving the classic brown color a zesty life. The cups and their holders are made from recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable materials, with details on how they are placed into the cups yet to be defined.

Heat and cold insulation are also applied to the Accordion Paper Cups, allowing the container to retain the warmth and coolness of their drinks for a long time. The designers, Zhu Hengyao, Zhou Fei, Li Zhe, Zhi Weihang, and Zhang Jie, have noted that this insulation can also be used as a handle, doubling the warmth and coolness retention qualities of the materials.

The Accordion Paper Cups are the result of the designers’ use of recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable materials, reducing unnecessary waste and highlighting the concept of environmentally friendly cup design. There is no news yet about whether the Accordion Paper Cup will hit production or the market, and its development process is dubbed ‘confidential’. The target areas for these portable, eco-friendly paper coffee cups with lids are worldwide. The Accordion Paper Cup was awarded the iF Design Award 2024 in Professional Concepts and Packaging Concepts.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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