As the demand for macadamia milk continues to grow, macamilk’s premium offering sets a new benchmark in the plant-milk category.

Starting with the best Australian produce, macamilk is made from 100 per cent premium cold pressed, east-coast macadamias. Farmed from 100 per cent rain fed crops using no nasty pesticides, or seed oil, and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Formulated alongside the country’s best barista’s, delivering the smoothest, creamiest plant-based milk on the market, it’s bound to delight latte-lovers, smoothie-smashers, and muesli eaters nationwide. Better for you, better for the planet, and tastier than other alternatives, a new dawn in Australian milk has arrived. Designed to froth, foam, and behaves like real milk. That’s why they say, real milk grows on trees…Macadamia trees that is.

For more info visit or email and follow @macamilk on social media.

This article appears in the April 2023 edition of BeanScene. Subscribe .

Source: Bean Scene Mag

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