Mazzer's Kony Sg



Image: CWE

The Kony Sg is Mazzer’s first commercial gravimetric coffee grinder, designed for medium-volume venues and specialty coffee shops.

Its vibration control system ensures all doses are weighed, eliminating time-based dosing even when used in environments with many vibrations. The grinder features a professional-grade built-in scale that can weigh each dose within a precision of one hundredth of a gram. It also features 63-millimetre conical burrs, designed and produced in the Mazzer factory near Venice.

With 420 revolutions per minute (50 hertz) and a double cooling system, the grinder protects the coffee beans from heat exposure, making it suitable for medium-volume coffee shops.

Kony Sg also features the Grind Flow Control (GFC) system, which includes a removable aluminium outlet insert equipped with a through-flow wire damper that responds to the coffee flow.

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Source: Bean Scene Mag

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