DiFluid Omni


DiFluid Omni is a high-performance device that integrates advanced roast and particle analysis to help the coffee industry improve quality and meet consumers’ demand for high-quality coffee.

The smart vibration device includes 2D near-infrared imaging, multi-band data fusion, instant precise result without preheating, and multiple data display modes.

It has a 2.8-inch high-definition touchscreen and supports data with APP, SDK, and OTA.

The coffee industry is one of the indispensable industries in the entire ecosystem.

For us, the common basis behind everything is the many phenomena we have seen, and the turning point behind it is just like the digitization of the fourth wave of coffee.

For more information, visit baristagroup.com.au

This article appears in the June 2023 edition of BeanScene. Subscribe .

Source: Bean Scene Mag

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