Tokyo’s Starbucks Reserve Features A Unique Top-Floor Experience


Starbucks Reserve Roastery locations worldwide offer unique beverages and experiences to make customers stay longer. In Tokyo, Japan, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery has four floors, including the top-floor AMU Inspiration Lounge. The concept comes from the Japanese word “amu,” which translates to “to knit together.” The top floor hosts events and seminars like coffee tastings around large communal tables, and is also the first certified Specialty Coffee Association location for the chain to train those aspiring to work in the coffee industry.

Events at the AMU Inspiration Lounge include tours of the entire roastery, espresso tasting sessions, and sessions on whiskey and coffee in honor of the chain’s new Whisky Barrel-Aged coffee beans. The aesthetics of the lounge match the communal vibe Starbucks aims to have with its events. The fourth floor features large tables for meetings and gatherings, smaller tables for one-on-one meetings, high ceilings, wood fixtures, and coffee bean dispensers. Yelp reviews show views of an art installation and the other floors below.

On the other floors, customers can find a coffee bar, large coffee roasters, art installations, a cocktail bar, and an atrium. In the U.S., it’s now easier to order Starbucks via delivery for an at-home boost while planning a trip to Tokyo.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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