Starbucks Enters The Value Meal Trend With $5 And $6 Pairing Menus


Starting this month, Starbucks will introduce a new Pairings Menu, offering customers the opportunity to pair their morning pick-me-up with a small bite to eat. The $5 option allows customers to choose any tall coffee or tea (iced or hot) with a Butter Croissant on the side, while the $6 option pairs the same drink selections with any savory breakfast sandwich. Starbucks is aware that most people don’t go to Starbucks for the food, but the new Pairings Menu suggests that the company is aware of this fact.

This comes at the same time as Burger King bringing back its $5 meal deal and McDonald’s nearing its own $5 value meal option. While value meals at other fast food restaurants offer substantially more food, Starbucks customers who have pulled back on their coffee budget may be more inclined to return if they feel the new Pairings Menu is offering a good enough deal. The ultimate goal of Starbucks’ new menu is undoubtedly to drum up more business.

Inflation has hit food chains hard, with fast food prices rising by 29% between 2019 and 2023. This value meal trend is a marketing tactic to bring consumers back, but it raises questions about the backend operations, as price increases are blamed on the rising cost of food, transportation, and labor. It’s possible that the companies are operating at a loss on these items hoping that the renewed customer base buys other menu items as well.

If Starbucks is offering value meals and still making a profit, the rationale for raising prices in the first place comes into question. However, the important part is that Starbucks is finding ways to help its customers save money while still indulging in their morning coffee.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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