Vittoria Coffee releases Fashion Series ‘9 Cups


Vittoria Coffee has launched the 2023 annual line up of Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series ‘9 Cups. Over the last nine years, Vittoria Coffee has worked with iconic Australian designers in the fashion industry to bring these cups to life.

This year’s series features Australian designers Bec + Bridge, Gary Bigeni, Macgraw, Mariam Seddiq, Red Ridge The Label, and Verner. These cups will be featured in Vittoria cafés as take away cups and also available in ceramic sets.

Bec + Bridge is building on its legacy of crafting irreverent and authentic clothing for women. ‘ALLURE’ pays homage to the gritty charm of the late 90s. The designs are a nod to the minimalist, punk-era fashion that influenced style for over a decade.

“The ALLURE collection is a true embodiment of the dynamic and memorable fashion landscape of the late 90s.We’ve taken inspiration from the minimalist punk style and iconic supermodels of the time and reworked it to fit into 2023. This collection is about striking a balance between masculine and feminine energy, while staying true to the Bec + Bridge fit and form. We want this collection to create a mood of alluring freedom and individuality,” says Bec Cooper and Bridge Yorston.

The essence of Mariam Seddiq’s abstract designs is bright, bold and fun, as well as the mood she creates for. With this collection, Mariam’s play on form and colour blocking, takes cues from her love for all things art.

“I wanted to highlight the joy and vibrance that come with our daily rituals and play with how we can infuse more of that energy, that beauty and creativity, into how we show up to the world,” says Mariam.

The latte set is priced at $79 and cappuccino set and saucers at $89.

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Source: Bean Scene Mag

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