Serve Up: The Best Glassware for Your Cold Drinks


Need a new way to wow? Look no further than these chic beverage containers.


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Spring is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and try out new cold drinks. Whether you’re upgrading your cold-brew recipe, concocting fresh signature drinks, or taking it to go, you’ll need to pour those tasty drinks into some kind of cup.

Not all vessels are created equal, however. Here we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up six cold cup options for a superior experience.

A flared pint glass similar to a Guinness glass. It has nitro coffee inside with bubbles cascading down the side, and The NitroBrew logo, an attached N and B.
A pint glass is practical and allows nitro cold brew to shine. Image courtesy of NitroBrew.

The Classic Pint Glass

Sturdy, affordable, and looking good on the counter—your trusty pint glass is here for you. It works for just about every cold drink on the menu, especially nitro cold brew! “The beautiful cascading bubbles (are) sure to get attention immediately,“ notes Sabitha Tata, chief operating officer at NitroBrew. “When the customer takes a sip, the tiny nitrogen bubbles roll on the palate and give a smooth and velvety texture. The type of glass used also makes a huge difference. A glass with a flair (a narrow bottom that progressively widens toward the top) puts on the best nitro show.“

An amber colored can-shaped glass with Celebrating Thirty Years printed on the side. There are coffee plants and a coffee mug printed on the side as well. The glass has a plain bamboo lid, and clear glass straw inserted.
The limited-edition 16-ounce Amber Glass Can from Klatch Coffee Roasters comes with a lid and straw. Photo courtesy of Klatch.

The Trendy Can Glass

These have been popping up in café service and merchandise in recent years. Reminiscent of a soda can, they give an immediate impression of refreshment and fun, and work well for coffee sodas and other bubbly drinks. Some even come with a detachable lid and straw for on-the-go sipping, like the above cup from Klatch Coffee Roasters, making them practical in almost any situation.

The Versatile Tom Collins

This tall, slender glass is perfect for a small iced coffee. The cylindrical shape also lends itself to a nice nitro bubble cascade; the bubbles won’t get caught on the side, so they’ll push up to the top for a head of foam. The Collins works for signature iced drinks and coffee cocktails as well. Even water looks good in this multipurpose powerhouse.

A short double-walled glass with FELLOW printed on the bottom and a slightly flared lip.
The Stagg Tasting Glasses from Fellow are engineered to help you get the most out of your cup. Photo courtesy of Fellow.

The Double-Duty Double-Walled Glass

One way to extend the life of your cold brew is with a double-walled glass. Fellow’s Stagg Tasting Glasses are a great example. Their double-walled, hand-blown borosilicate glass can handle hot or cold beverages with ease while maintaining drink temperature longer (and staying comfy in your hand). A slightly flared lip at the top allows flavor to wash over your tongue as you sip. They come in a set of two, perfect for sharing at home.

A tall and slender matte black to-go cup with a matching straw.
Fellow’s Carter Cold Tumbler has an impressive set of features and the classic Fellow aesthetic to match. Photo courtesy of Fellow.

The Thoughtful To-Go Tumbler

When you’re taking your cold brew out the door, consider a well-designed and tough-built tumbler. Fellow’s Carter Cold Tumbler has a double-wall vacuum seal for 18+ hours of chill, and a ceramic coating inside for preserving taste. A screw-on lid and a straw with a stopper make it spill-resistant, and it should fit nicely in your car cup holder. The Carter Cold Tumbler also comes in a range of cute colors!

A faceted short glass with a brown liquid and orange peel.
A classic double rocks glass fits everything from an old-fashioned to an espresso tonic. Photo by Marvin Meyer via Unsplash.

The Distinguished Double Rocks Glass

Traditionally intended for a whiskey double, these glasses are sturdy, easy to hold, and work well with garnish. They’re also the perfect size for the hot-weather-menu go-to: espresso tonic. Double rocks glasses come in a variety of shapes, too, so you’re sure to find a perfect match for the aesthetic at your home or in your café.


J. Marie Carlan (she/they) is the online editor for Barista Magazine. She’s been a barista for 15 years and writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. When she’s not behind the espresso bar or toiling over content, you can find her perusing record stores, collecting bric-a-brac, writing poetry, and trying to keep the plants alive in her Denver apartment. She occasionally updates her blog.

Source: Barista Magazine

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