Are Old Coffee Grounds the Key to Being Mosquito Free?


The cicadapocalypse in Illinois has led to a surge in mosquitoes, making it essential to find natural methods to keep them at bay. One such method is burning coffee grounds to repel mosquitoes. Coffee grounds have a pungent and intense smell that repels mosquitoes, making them avoid them. All types of coffee, fresh, used, or burnt, are effective in repelling mosquitoes. Burning coffee grounds is the most effective method because it throws smoke into the mix, which mosquitos also hate. However, having the fragrant grounds in a bowl on the table or sprinkling them throughout your yard can also help.

Most sources agree that it doesn’t matter what brand of coffee grounds you use to repel mosquitoes, but it is important that it is unflavored. To amp up the repelling power, you can mix peppermint, lavender, or citrus oils into your grounds. This natural method is a great alternative to the harmful chemicals and pesticides commonly used to keep mosquitoes away. By using coffee grounds as a mosquito repellent, you can help protect your home and yard from mosquitoes this summer.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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