We Want To Know How You Judge People’s Coffee Orders As A Barista, From The “Good” Orders To The “Red Flags”


As a current or former barista, BuzzFeed wants to know what stereotypes you assign to certain drink orders.

Some stereotypes include the second someone orders a cortado, you immediately think they’re pretentious and know that if you don’t make the drink perfectly, they’ll tell you. Another stereotype is the regular matcha drinker who wakes up early, writes in their gratitude journal, gets a workout in, and makes a stunning breakfast before you can even crack your eyes open.

If someone orders a black cold brew, you know they wouldn’t tip and would barely say “hello” before giving you their order. What stereotypes you assign to certain drinks, whether good or bad, we want to know about them. Please use the linked form to share the coffee orders you often judge as a barista (whether good or bad). Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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