This Dead Simple Pitcher Perfectly Ices Coffee in Just 90 Seconds


George Howell, a coffee roaster and café owner, found the Coldwave Coffee Chiller to be a simple and efficient solution for making iced coffee. The $30 pitcher, available on Amazon, comes with a plastic insert that can be frozen for 8 to 10 hours, then poured into fresh hot coffee and dropped into the coffee. After a minute and a half, iced coffee is created.

Howell also found that the Coldwave can be used for cold brew, as most cold brew recipes require the mixture to be kept at room temperature during brewing. If you prefer not to pour the coffee over ice and create an inexact dilution, you can chill it in the Coldwave before diluting.

Howell believes that the Coldwave is the best gadget for making iced coffee at home, as it is simple, faster, and cleaner than anything else he’s used. While it’s not as easy as batch-brewing cold brew and keeping it in the fridge for a week, it allows you to brew your regular pot of hot coffee and chill it without adding much to your morning routine. This leveling of the playing field for iced coffee is a significant improvement.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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