The World’s Best Portable Coffee Maker Just Got Even More Travel-Friendly


In 2004, industrial designer Alan Adler created the AeroPress, a small, transparent cylinder that works like a syringe to push brewed coffee through a filter. The AeroPress is simple and gives control back to the user, allowing them to dial in water-to-grounds ratio and brew time. It “blooms” carbon dioxide out of the coffee, resulting in a sweeter, less-bitter cup. The AeroPress has gained a cult following among coffee lovers as an ideal brewer for camping, overseas travel, or weeknight dinners. In 2019, AeroPress released the AeroPress Go, a smaller version with a smaller brewing chamber and more compact form factor. The company is now doubling down on the premise with the AeroPress Go Plus, which features a tall metal travel tumbler with magnets to snap onto the brewer and avoid spills. The Go Plus is molded with clear BPA-free Tritan, making it easier to see the brewing process. The chamber can pack directly into the tumbler, acting as a metal shield to protect it from breaking. The AeroPress Go Plus is available for $80 and comes in two colors, white or black, and includes a scoop, stirrer, and set of paper filters.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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