The Carajillo Tónico Is Going to Be the Drink of the Summer


The Carajillo, a classic Spanish coffee cocktail, is popular in Mexico City as a party drink. Originating in Spain, it consists of equal parts espresso and Liquor 43 served over ice. However, Mexico City’s modern cosmopolitan center deserves a refined version of this fun and simple caffeine-laced cocktail. The Carajillo Tónico is a bubbly highball take on the classic combination of coffee and sweet Spanish liqueur. Tonic tones down the intense sweetness of Licor 43, while carbonation creates a refreshing layer. The addition of coffee liqueur pairs a slightly more complex sweetness with the vanilla character of Licor 43. The cocktail is best served with a tequila-based coffee liqueur, such as Patron’s recently re-released XO Café, which has a fresh agave backbone and drier profile than other coffee liqueurs. The Carajillo Tónico celebrates the essence of the original cocktail in a fun and refreshing way.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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