Subculture Delta Beverages Launches First-Ever Shelf-Stable THC-Infused Cold Brew Coffee


Subculture Delta Beverages Inc., a joint venture between Subculture Coffee and Diesel™ Beverages, has introduced the world’s first shelf-stable THC-infused cold brew coffee. Each serving contains 5mg of federally compliant Delta-9 THC, providing a unique and elevated experience for coffee enthusiasts nationwide. The company offers two innovative ready-to-drink beverages: a robust Cold Brew and a smooth, subtly sweet Oat Milk variation. Crafted from high-altitude, fair-trade Ethiopian Arabica beans, these cold brews are expertly roasted to unlock their full potential, delivering unrivaled taste, aroma, and complexity. Infused with naturally derived Delta-9 THC from hemp, each serving ensures sustained effects for up to two hours. Co-founder Rodney Mayo explains that the new cold brews combine decades-long coffee mastery with the latest cannabis innovation, offering a mood-elevating twist to daily pick-me-ups.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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