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Robu Coffee, a Vietnamese-fusion coffee pop-up in Sunnyvale, aims to introduce Asian flavors into the craft coffee scene. The cafe offers offerings like cherry blossom lattes, coconut ube coffees, vegan traditional Vietnamese coffee, and modernized Vietnamese sandwiches. Robu Coffee started in March with corporate pop-ups and events, and since April 12, it has operated as a pop-up at KTea Cafe in Sunnyvale. Owners Tammy Huynh and Katie Voong intend to operate as a pop-up for no longer than six months before transitioning to their own nearby brick and mortar.

Huynh, who grew up in Vietnam, has had a longtime passion for coffee. She bonded over the coffee scene with her father, who was known for his coffee drinking and business meetings in coffee shops. She moved to San Jose, eventually attending De Anza College before transferring to San Jose State University and spending time in Sunnyvale. In 2014, she created her own cosmetic brand, Luxie Beauty, before realizing her true passion lay in coffee four years later.

Huynh noticed that higher acidity arabica beans were more common in the United States than higher caffeinated robusta beans typically used in Vietnamese coffee. She partnered with family farms in Dalat, Vietnam, to source both arabica and robusta beans that she roasts and blends herself. The reason why Robu Coffee tastes very different and unique is the blend of both beans, so it’s the best of both worlds.

With her custom blend of beans, she began experimenting with different flavors. For example, she created pho coffee by infusing the coffee with star anise, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, ginger and coriander seed and brewing it in the traditional Vietnamese phin ($6.95). Coconut ube coffee by adding coconut cream and ube foam to Vietnamese phin-dripped milk coffee ($6.95) is also available.

Huynh looks forward to introducing new menu items, such as truffle macchiatos infused with truffle oil with shaved dark chocolate on top. “Robu was born based on my passion for coffee and my love for Asian flavors,” she said.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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