Legendary House of Bacha Coffee Establishes New Era of Coffee Appreciation


Bacha Coffee, a legendary brand, offers an exceptional collection of over 200 coffees from 35 renowned coffee producing countries worldwide. The company’s origins can be traced back to 1910 in the Dar el Bacha palace in Marrakech, Morocco. The palace housed a coffee room known for its style and beauty, but above all, for its coffee.

Bacha Coffee is dedicated to preserving the timeless traditions of coffee craftsmanship while embracing innovation to meet the evolving tastes of modern coffee connoisseurs. They offer a collection of over 200 meticulously sourced Single-Origin, Fine Blended, Fine Flavoured, and naturally CO₂ Decaffeinated 100% Arabica coffees sourced from 35 countries around the world, including Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, and beyond.

Bacha Coffee’s expertly trained Coffee Masters work with farmers to gather the best and freshest beans and then process them according to age-old traditional methods. Each variety of coffee requires a different degree of roasting to bring out its unique taste profile, so Bacha Coffee Masters hand-roast each harvest individually before gently air cooling them for the best taste and preservation. By sourcing coffee beans from diverse origins, Bacha Coffee celebrates the unique terroir and flavor characteristics of each region, offering customers an authentic taste that makes it a true haven for coffee lovers.

The retail selection on BachaCoffee.com mirrors the extensive list offered in their original boutique in Marrakech and around the world, inviting coffee lovers to venture beyond the familiar to try harvests from unique farms and provenance. Loose beans can be purchased by weight and ground to the specifications of each customer, from 7 different grind sizes.

Bacha Coffee also offers a “slow” coffee experience, offering over 30 Single Origin and Fine Flavoured coffees in the exclusive Coffee Bag Collection. These bags are individually wrapped, air tight, single-serve pour over coffee bags containing 12g of 100% Arabica each, expertly dosed to ensure a perfectly prepared brew. The Explorer Taster box allows customers to begin their journey with a selection of single origin and fine flavoured coffee favorites.

Bacha Coffee also offers a series of elegant accessories and gourmet delights, such as the exclusive Bacha Coffee x Alessi La Conica Espresso Coffee Pot, which pays homage to the heritage of Bacha Coffee and the tradition of Italian design. Additionally, they offer gourmet treats like Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, which will delight on any occasion.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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