East Hollywood Welcomes Ondo Coffee Co., a New Hub for Sustainable Java and Community Connection


East Hollywood has welcomed Ondo Coffee Co., a new coffee shop that focuses on quality, sustainable sourcing, and creating a community-centric space. The shop, located at 710 N Heliotrope Drive, offers a respite from the hustle with a good brew. The founder and co-owner, Bryan Choi, believes intentions matter at Ondo Coffee Co. The shop offers ethically sourced and expertly roasted coffee, a nod to sustainable practices. The atmosphere is tuned with a carefully curated music selection, aiming to make Ondo Coffee a welcoming spot for a diverse clientele. Ondo is not just about the coffee; it’s about the experience, with cozy seating and vibrant artwork on the walls. The cafe aims to resonate with patrons, making each visit memorable. The grand opening is set for the first weekend of July, with plans to partner with local food vendors and offer giveaways in celebration. This event, just after Independence Day, will provide a new place for locals and visitors to forge connections over the universal love of coffee.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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