Dozens Out of Work as Philadelphia Realty Company Closes Its Coffee Shops


OCF Coffee House, a coffee shop in the Point Breeze neighborhood, has announced the closure of all three locations. The company, owned by OCF Realty, stated that rising operational costs, reduced sales, and the expiration of leases this summer have made it difficult to continue operating the shops. This move comes just a week after OCF Coffee House workers voted to join the Workers United, Local 80 union.

The union accused OCF founder and president Ori Feibush of closing the shops in retaliation to the workers’ decision to unionize. The union representative argued that closing the shops could end up costing more than ownership may have bargained for and called for mobilizing a broad coalition of labor and community allies to make clear to Feibush that the price of union-busting in Philly will cost him more than a few cafes.

NBC10 has reached out to OCF Realty for a response to the union’s claims, but the realty company did not immediately respond. The union’s statement read: “OCF workers took a courageous stand against a bully boss and slumlord to say that enough is enough and they demand better working conditions.”

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Source: Coffee Talk

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