Coffee Shop With Robot Baristas to Open in Sacramento


Botbar Coffee, a tech-driven coffee shop chain, is opening a new location in downtown Sacramento. The chain will serve lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso drinks made by robotic servers. Botbar, based in Nevada, aims to break the chains of repetitive manual labor and bring efficiency to traditional businesses through cutting-edge technology. The chain currently has two locations, including one in Oakland and one at Times Square in New York. The new location will replace Chicory Coffee & Tea, which closed in early February. The new location comes in the wake of several local coffee shop closures, including three Starbucks shops in the Sacramento area in the past two months. Botbar’s team of engineers and coffee lovers helped create the robot baristas, who are trained to craft the perfect blend, ensuring a consistently exceptional coffee experience. This allows for reliability and quality in its coffee. Sacramento residents have taken to social media to discuss the new addition to the city’s coffehouse scene, with many commenters suggesting they would give zero tips to a robot server unless the robot has to pay rent.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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