Bluestone Coffee Serving Beanless Espresso


Bluestone Lane, an Australian coffee shop, has partnered with Seattle-based startup Atomo Coffee to offer beanless espresso at all 58 locations. Atomo Coffee’s beanless espresso is made by replicating the molecular structure of conventional coffee from upcycled, farm-grown superfoods like date seeds, guava, and sunflower. The espresso is high in antioxidants, lower in acidity, and has a cleaner caffeine experience. The taste profile includes notes of rich dark chocolate, graham crackers, and dried fruit. Bluestone Lane CEO Nicholas Stone expressed excitement about the introduction of Atomo’s beanless espresso, stating it aligns with the company’s high standards for quality and taste while promoting environmental stewardship. The partnership is a natural fit for Atomo, which has locations in New York, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, and Illinois.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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