Atomo Opens New Roastery in Seattle to Produce Its Beanless Coffee for Cafes Around the U.S.


Atomo, a Seattle-based beanless coffee maker, is opening a new roastery in its hometown to produce grounds for coffee shops across the country. The 33,547 square-foot facility, located south of downtown Seattle, can produce 90 million cups of coffee per year and will satisfy every delivery method of coffee, including espresso, drip, ready to drink, and pods. The company’s first product will be espresso grounds, formulated for professional espresso machines.

Starting in August, Atomo will partner with Bluestone Lane, which has 58 coffee shops and cafes across the country. Other independent shops in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin will serve Atomo’s espresso. In Seattle, Atomo drinks will be available at Heard Coffee on South Jackson Street.

Atomo, which first arrived in 2019 as a food-tech startup, aims to mitigate climate change effects on coffee-growing regions and provide a substitute for the environmentally destructive process of coffee farming. Its regular espresso generates 83% less carbon emissions and uses 70% less farmland compared to conventional coffee.

Atomo recently underwent a strategic realignment and restructuring, leading to layoffs. The company now employs close to 40 people across a laboratory team, production/operations, and sales/marketing. The startup has raised just over $53 million from backers including S2G Ventures, AgFunder, and Horizons Ventures.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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