365 Retail Markets Launches PicoCoffee™, Streamlining the Coffee Vending and Micro Market Consumer Experience


365 Retail Markets, the global leader in unattended retail technology, has introduced PicoCoffee™, a compact, cashless payment device for automatic tabletop coffee machines. This innovative solution allows consumers to vend beverages and purchase micro market items in the same transaction, simplifying the consumer journey and back-office administration. PicoCoffee™ eliminates the need for consumers to purchase barcoded products separately from coffee, increasing the likelihood of impulse buys and a simpler consumer experience.

European and UK Micro Market operators can now expand their services strategically and economically by selling complementary products alongside coffee, such as pastries, fruit, and snack bars. The introduction of PicoCoffee™ eliminates friction from the checkout experience, increasing the likelihood of consumers fulfilling their buying potential and resulting in increased revenue.

Easy integration via a single MDB cable makes PicoCoffee™ plug and play for operators, making it just as easy to deploy as single function legacy products. Modifying coffee equipment to mount a payment device is no longer necessary, eliminating challenges for operators with financed equipment. PicoCoffee™ sits next to the tabletop automatic brewer and physically raises the point of sale higher than other, less visible countertop alternatives.

PicoCoffee can also help operators turn loyal coffee drinkers into loyal consumers. As part of the 365 Connected CampusSM, consumers can use their 365Pay mobile app to make it easy to pay for purchases, earn rewards, and redeem promotions the more they purchase. On average, 75% of unattended solution sales in the United Kingdom (UK) include automatic tabletop coffee machines, with preference for these machines growing over traditional hot beverage vending. PicoCoffee™ is available for immediate purchase in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, with more countries coming soon.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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