Savor Brands® and ByFusion Partnership: Making Sustainability Easy and Transparent


The R+R® Program helps roasters and cafes who are invested in protecting their coffee’s journey through the supply chain by preserving the freshness of their products through the lens of sustainability. Farmers and roasters can use the best plastic, paper free high-barrier flexible packaging without it going to the landfill.

Savor Brands® has partnered with ByFusion to help reprocess and repurpose packaging via their R+R® Program.

This new partnership supports:
•A transparent journey of packaging to ByBlock®
•Education on plastic waste and recycling programs in US municipalities.
•Empowering packaging partners to help protect the integrity of the coffee supply chain.

How the program works:

•The R+R® box is sent to each requesting partners’ location, where they are encouraged to start sustainability conversations with their local community.
•Community members are encouraged to dispose their empty plastic, high-barrier packaging into the R+R® box.
•Once the R+R® box is at maximum capacity, our packaging partner requests via Savor Brands®, a complimentary FedEx pickup to send boxes to our warehouse in Carson, CA, where it’s palletized and sent in bulk to ByFusion for processing.

ByFusion’s Micro Diversion Platform transforms plastic waste into a zero-waste construction-grade building material called ByBlock®. ByBlock® is made entirely from repurposed, un-recyclable plastic waste.

“We are excited to introduce ByFusion to the Specialty Coffee community. Their incredible technology makes it possible to responsibly protect the carbon footprint generated from the coffee supply chain by keeping coffee fresh and close the loop on plastic high-barrier packaging.”, says Patrick Lau, CEO of Savor Brands®.

“…I’m so excited to be here in Portland at the Coffee Expo with our new partner Savor Brands®,” says Heidi Kujawa, CEO, and founder of ByFusion, “demonstrating how we are working together to take non-recyclable plastic waste, such as coffee bags, and turn it into ByBlock®.”

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Source: Coffee Talk

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