Introducing Coffee Equipment Pros: Your One-Stop Marketplace for New and Used Coffee Roasters and Roastery Equipment


Coffee Equipment Pros (CEPros) launches a new marketplace for coffee roasting professionals, offering an extensive selection of roastery equipment, new drum, air, and electric roasters, and a highly vetted Used Elite collection of top-brand used roasters. The platform connects buyers, sellers, and manufacturers, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.

Led by a team with 10+ years of industry experience, CEPros prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to fuel the growth of the coffee industry. From ancillary roastery equipment to K-Cup fill/seal machines, CEPros caters to various needs and budgets. Their Used Elite collection provides sustainable and affordable options for roaster upgrades.

“We’re thrilled to launch the Coffee Equipment Pros marketplace, empowering coffee professionals with a convenient and reliable platform to discover and acquire top-notch roasting equipment,” said Rick Davis, Founder & CEO. “While this is a new venture, the people behind it aren’t. Our core team brings more than a decade of coffee equipment sales, marketing, logistics, and service experience. That’s why we’ve built the word ‘pros’ into our company name — and that’s what our customers will experience when they work with us.”

“Our mission is to fuel the growth and success of the coffee industry by providing access to quality new and used roasters and roastery equipment, backed by our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.”

With a focus on customer needs, CEPros offers quick payment, smooth setup, and financing options. Demo roasting is available on-site. Visit their marketplace at for premium equipment and services for your roastery.


Source: Coffee Talk

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