Victor Vu on his preparation for the World Latte Art Championship


ASCA Australian Latte Art Champion Victor Vu of Ona Coffee will represent Australia at the World Latte Art Championship hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 27 to 29 June.

After winning the Australian Latte Art Championship in Melbourne in February, Victor secured a spot in the world finals which take place at the World of Coffee Copenhagen tradeshow.

“I’m feeling good, excited, and a little bit nervous, but this time is different,” he says.

“After competing for three years, I feel more confident and have improved my skills while also gaining a lot of experience.”

As he leaves Australia for Copenhagen , Victor describes how he’s prepared for the competition and practised his latte art using alternative milks.

“It’s been almost five months since I won the nationals and I have been working hard on creating and developing my designs,” he says.

“The machines at this year’s event will be automatic, so when I get to Denmark I will practise my routine on the machines we’ll be using before the competition.

“The milk for this championship is new as well, we have to use oat milk. It’s a challenge as it is harder to do complex designs because of the texture and the way the milk reacts with the coffee.”

Showcasing his artistic expression through distinctive animal inspired latte art at the Australian Latte Art Competition, Victor reveals his new designs for the international competition are also inspired by his love of nature.

“I won’t be using the rhino this time round, but I have some new designs that I have been working on such as a jungle fowl, lion, and baby owl,” he says.

“I love nature and this year, with the use of the automatic machines, it is nice to bring an element of this into my work and to make a connection between nature and coffee.

“Since I was a child, I have always loved the jungle, so all of the animals I design are from there.”

Victor says that although this competition will be a challenge, using new equipment and milks, he is more confident in his workflow and routine.

“I want to thank my coffee family at Ona, all the partners who have support me along the way, and my partner Linh Tran for helping me get in the right headspace before the event.”

After the competition, Victor intends to enjoy the city and to venture to the outskirts to hike and gather more inspiration for other designs he is developing.

“I hike a lot in my spare time and plan on doing a hike after the competition to get more inspiration,” he says.

Follow Victor at the World Latte Art Championship here.

Source: Bean Scene Mag

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