SNL’s “Coffee Commercial” Is Based on This Real Lauren Bacall Ad from 1982


Maya Rudolph, a talented performer, showcased her skills in the “Coffee Commercial” sketch on Saturday Night Live, co-starring Bowen Yang and Heidi Gardner. The sketch, which features Rudolph as a “three-time Oscar-presenting” actress named Dawn Faraway, is based on a real decaf coffee commercial that has become a camp classic online decades later.

Rudolph’s character, Dawn Faraway, speaks with the clipped diction of a hyper-dramatic classic film star, getting hopped up and gassed up on the brew. She raves about the coffee and admits she has never had it before, as her doctor advised against it. As she films takes and demands staff members leave the set, Rudolph’s face and eyes are a riot as she explains the noises coming from her body.

The sketch was inspired by Lauren Bacall’s 1982 High Point coffee ad, which has made the rounds online in recent years due to the over-the-top lines and her sultry, ultra-committed delivery. Bacall tells the camera that High Point is decaffeinated, and that tension can show on her face. In her profession, she sets high standards for herself and her coffee, making High Point number one with her.

Over the years, Bacall’s lines have been quoted, lip synced in TikToks, and performed on drag stages across the U.S., making it a national treasure. The sketch is set to air on Saturday Night Live on NBC and Peacock.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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