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The June + July 2023 issue of Barista Magazine features Martin Shabaya, the four-time Barista Champion of Kenya, on the cover. Also inside: spotlight on Southeast Asian flavors; a look at improvements in home espresso machines; an interview with author Scott Rao; ’Field Reports’ from Athens, Greece; Nashville, Tenn.; and Nevada; plus much more. 


We’re beyond excited to release the latest issue of Barista Magazine! This month, the winners of national barista competitions will be gathering at the World of Coffee in Athens, Greece, to compete for the title of World Barista Champion. Our previous cover person, Ben Put, will be there representing Canada once again, and so will this issue’s cover person, Martin Shabaya of Kenya. Officially retired from competition, Martin will be there in the role of coach.

Also in this issue is a great “Field Report“ about the amazing coffee culture in Athens, so if you’re headed to the magical city for World of Coffee, the World Barista Championship, and three other famous coffee championships—the World Brewers Cup, the World Cezve/Ibrik Championship, and the World Cup Tasters Championship—you’ll have this great guide at your fingertips. Writer and Athens transplant Sarah Charles has provided a wide-ranging article covering the lively specialty-coffee scene in the Greek capital city, and she has great insider suggestions for cafés worth a visit.

Cover Feature: Martin Shabaya

The opening spread of the cover feature in the June + July 2023 issue of Barista Magazine. Martin Shabaya is working with an espresso machine on the left page and the right page is the title of the article.

Martin Shabaya started working in coffee before he had ever even drunk coffee. It’s a common situation in countries like Kenya in East Africa (the birthplace of coffee and home to many specialty-coffee producers), where great coffee is produced but rarely consumed in-country. Martin took a very uncommon path from his Nairobi home and immersed himself in specialty-coffee culture as soon as he first landed a job as a barista. His enthusiasm, work ethic, and passion for coffee took him on a global adventure, and ultimately he became the first African barista to reach the finals of the World Barista Championship.

Martin has stepped back from competing and is now coaching because he wants to invest in African baristas. Writer Sarah Charles has a companion piece to her profile of Martin in the June + July 2023 issue (“The African Barista Movement Is Building Momentum“) in which she talks to people across the continent about creating a sustainable professional coffee culture in their countries.

’Great Coffee Here’

Two-page spread of Great Coffee Here: Home Espresso Just Keeps Getting Better with title on right-hand page and an image of a kitchen on the left.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic prompted many people to make improvements in their home coffee setups, coffee machine companies have been happy to help. Many of the leading brands have recently released new home espresso machines, and as writer Josh Rank says, the new machines feature a number of improvements that make them better than ever. You can read all about this trend in “Great Coffee Here: Home Espresso Just Keeps Getting Better“ in the June + July 2023 issue.

’Shining a Light on Southeast Asian Flavors’

Shining a Light on Southeast Asian Flavors two-page spread with the title on the left page and an illustration of Asian ingredients on the right page.

From the purple hue of ube to the sweet flavor of pandan, traditional ingredients from Southeast Asia have been sprouting up on café menus worldwide. Writer Emily Joy Meneses breaks down the most popular ingredients, from their flavor profiles to their history and uses today. She also writes about her experience growing up in a Filipino-American household where many of the “exotic“ flavors were typical and mundane.

’One on One: Scott Rao’

One on One two-page spread with a portrait of Scott Rao on the left page and the title and opening text on the right page.

Scott Rao is best known as the author of a number of groundbreaking coffee books, including The Professional Barista’s Handbook, Coffee Roasting Best Practices, and others. He has consulted on coffee projects around the world and has been invited to speak at innumerable conferences and events. He shares his story with Josh Taves in “One on One“ in the June + July 2023 issue, including revealing which decisions he’s made in his coffee career that he wishes he could undo.

You can read all of these articles and much more in our latest issue. Also inside the June + July 2023 issue, you’ll find “Field Reports“ from Athens, Greece, Nashville, Tenn., and Nevada. Plus, our popular series “Cashbox“ with Tracy Allen is back with strategies for building a profitable menu.

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