Out Now: The April + May 2023 18th Anniversary Issue


The April + May 2023 18th anniversary issue of Barista Magazine features Canadian multi-time national champion barista Ben Put on the cover. Also inside: understanding fermentation; bringing style to cold-brew service; functional drinks; an interview with World Coffee Research’s Hanna Neuschwander; and field reports from Chicago, Lyon, France, and Bellingham, Wash.; plus much more.


We’re always excited to release another issue of Barista Magazine, but this time of year means a little more since it’s our anniversary. And for the new April + May 2023 18th anniversary issue, we have the most accomplished barista competitor in the world on our cover: Canada’s Ben Put, co-owner of Monogram Coffee in Calgary, Alberta. Also in the issue, you’ll find articles about the basics of fermentation, creating stylish service for cold brew, and an interview with Hanna Neuschwander from World Coffee Research—plus a whole lot more.

We here at Barista Magazine are so grateful for all of our readers, writers, staffers, artists, advertisers, and friends who have made the last 18 years a success. Without you, we couldn’t have done it. Thank you for all the support you have given us over the years!

Cover Feature: Ben Put

The feature story opening spread from the April + May 2023 18th Anniversary issue has Ben Put standing in a cafe on the left page and the headline on the right.

No one has won their national barista championship more than Ben Put. He has also put himself in rarified air by being the first person to represent their country at the World Coffee Championships in both the World Barista Championship and the World Brewers Cup in the same year. Besides being a competitor and a co-founder of Monogram Coffee in Calgary, Ben also plays bass in a band. His bandmate, fellow champion barista, and competition coach Jill Hoff interviewed Ben and writes about what makes Ben special in the April + May 2023 issue.

’The Fermentation Situation’

Many new coffee-processing methods have popped up in recent years, some with names like anaerobic fermentation, which may sound complicated and intimidating. But all coffee is fermented, and as with many other foods and beverages, fermentation can make a coffee great or terrible. Writer and longtime coffee professional Ana Mallozzi tackles the subject in “The Fermentation Situation.“

’Cold Brew in Style’

Cold brew continues to grow in popularity, but how can you match your cold-brew service to the rest of your coffee offerings? Barista Magazine’s Online Editor J. Marie Carlan finds ways to bring high end service to your cold brew game in “Cold Brew in Style.“

’Power Up’ with Functional Drinks

Recent years have brought health and wellness to the forefront of everyone’s mind. And more and more customers are looking for an extra boost to their daily routines with functional drinks. In the April + May 2023 18th anniversary issue, Emily Meneses writes about incorporating functional drinks into your menu and ingredients to boost your beverages.

’One on One: Hanna Neuschwander’

When Hanna Neuschwander started working in coffee as a barista, she never thought that one day she’d lead strategy and communications for an organization working to protect the future of coffee. But that’s just what she’s done via World Coffee Research. Writer Chris Ryan talks with Hanna for the “One on One“ interview in the April + May 2023 issue.

You can read all of these articles and much more in our latest issue. Also inside the April + May 2023 18th anniversary issue, you’ll find field reports from Lyon, France and Chicago, and Bellingham, Wash. Plus, our popular series “High Maintenance“ is back to answer more of your equipment questions.

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