Introducing the 2023 World Barista Championship Competitors: Part Two


In advance of the WBC event on June 21–24, we introduce the champions from Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, and France.


The ancient city of Athens, Greece, will be the backdrop for the 2023 World Barista Championship on June 21–24, at the World of Coffee event. Forty-eight national champions from around the world will take the stage to compete for the ultimate coffee championship title.

In the run up to the World Barista Championship, we are showcasing these champions here at Barista Magazine Online in the alphabetical order of their countries. Today, meet the champions of Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, and France.



Costa Rican barista champion Emiliano Hellmond makes a pourover.
The barista champion of Costa Rica, Emiliano Hellmund, will compete at the 2023 World Barista Championship.

“Right now, I’m working as the head barista of Simple Fresh Eatery & Coffee Brew Bar, in Costa Rica. I’ve been competing for almost three years. This was my second barista competition, and I was looking forward to representing Costa Rica in the WBC. This was my main motivation to continue competing and learning as much as I can from this type of competition.

I started working in (the) coffee industry about five years ago because I took a Foundation Barista course wanting to learn more about coffee itself and how to brew it the best way. Luckily, I found coffee, or coffee found me, (because) my passion grew right away with the first sips of coffee I had in that barista course and now I feel that I’m not working anymore. It’s kind of living my dream every day.

When I was younger I used to compete as a professional swimmer in Costa Rica, and I believe this sport made me more disciplined and focused on getting what I want. This is the reason I am very competitive in the way I work and the way I prepare myself for competitions.“



Denis Kramár the barista champion of the Czech Republic in front of a white wall.
The Czech champion, Denis Kramár, looks forward to competing in Athens.

“I work as a head of coffee in Rebelbean Roastery in Brno, Czech Republic. This is my second competition season and second national championship title, which is for me still quite hard to comprehend. I am in the coffee industry for almost seven years, and I have been working for Rebelbean for all those years, despite (a) few months when I was working in the coffee shop in Glasgow. Fun fact could be that I never had any certified coffee course or anything like that. My first workshop that I have signed (up for) was this January, and it was (an) advanced espresso course by Agnieszka Rojewska. When I signed up for my first barista championship last year, It was mainly to add this experience that I was missing, and I ended up winning it. This year I am competing again because I really enjoyed the WBC atmosphere in Melbourne, and I wanted to experience it again and meet all these lovely people again.“



Patrik Rolf performs his barista competition routine in front of an audience.
Patrik Rolf of Denmark will compete in the World Barista Championship for the second time in Athens, Greece.

“I moved to Copenhagen to start April back in 2016. An essential part of April is to be a part of making coffee better. And for me, competition is an integral part of that. This will be my second year competing in the World Barista Championship—my first time as the representative for Denmark—and I am looking forward to being a part of it.“



Jonathan Ramirez of Ecuador competes in a barista competition.
The barista champion of Ecuador, Jonathan Ramirez, will return to the World Barista Championship for the second time in Athens.

“I have been working with coffee for 11 years, and almost my entire career competition has been something very important in my life. I was a judge two times and a competitor three times before achieving my first championship in 2018. In 2019 I was a coach, and in the last year I returned to the stage and managed to win together with my team. I am currently a roaster, taster, and barista at Stratto Coffee Cellar, Verena Coffee World, and at Limite Coffee Co.“



Mostafa Mamdouh poses at a trade show.
Mostafa Mamdouh was the captain of a football team in Cairo before joining the coffee industry.

“I work at Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters. I have been competing for almost two years. My fellow coffee colleagues encouraged me to compete, and through their experiences, I grew fond of competing. Fun fact: Prior to entering the coffee industry, I was captain of a local football team in Cairo. I was an athlete from a young age and had a passion for football as a child. I got into coffee through friends, and as I watched a very close lifetime friend of mine delve into the coffee industry, I grew fond of coffee and the experiences that come along with it. Everything from the science behind coffee to facing and educating customers on coffee was an exciting journey for me.“



Carlos Cubias pours coffee into a glass to create a signature drink at a barista competition.
Carlos Cubias competed three times in the El Salvadoran Barista Championship before punching his ticket to the World Barista Championship.

“Hi, I am Carlos Cubias. I have eight years in the coffee industry; my passion includes spending time playing soccer and drinking a lot of coffee. I competed three times in the national barista championships.
I like to know more about specialty coffee such as new coffee processes, roasts, varieties, and trends.“



Brice Robin in a black and white photo smiles widely.
French barista champion Brice Robin began working in restaurants before he discovered how complex coffee can be.

“I come from the world of kitchen and pastry, and I discovered coffee as any other ingredients. But then I realised how complex coffee can be, a real rabbit hole you step into! (I’ve) worked as a barista, trainer, and coffee consultant for seven years, and I did my first competition seven years ago (which was obviously a disaster). Since then, I worked to get to compete with the best baristas in the world, here in Athens! That’s a unique chance.“

Stay tuned to Barista Magazine Online in the coming weeks as we introduce all 48 National Barista Champions set to take the stage at the 2023 World Barista Championship in Athens, Greece, June 21–24!

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