Huskee to showcase HuskeeSwap program at Good Food and Wine Show


Reusable coffee cup company Huskee will be showcasing its HuskeeSwap program at Good Food and Wine Show, taking place from 23 to 25 June at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

HuskeeSwap is an opt–in cup exchange system that allows customers to order a takeaway coffee in a previously purchased HuskeeCup, and then receive their order in a freshly cleaned one. Customers can track their positive impact via the HuskeeSwap app and earn loyalty, encouraging the use of reusable coffee cups and eliminating the need for single-use coffee cups.

According to Huskee, this is an important step to reducing waste within the event industry and encouraging other events and consumers to reduce their single-use waste.

“We’re thrilled to connect with Good Food and Wine Show attendees and showcase the benefits of a single-use free event. Building on our success at last year’s Melbourne International Coffee Expo and similar events around the globe, we’re reducing the number of discarded coffee cups and resulting waste collection and processing,” says Huskee Head of Sales and Marketing Michael McFarlane.

“Thanks to a partnership with specialty coffee roaster Pablo and Rusty, we’re also delivering a superior drinking experience with HuskeeCups that the discerning palates of attendees are sure to appreciate.”

Huskee will be at the Sydney show in conjunction with Pablo and Rusty. The HuskeeSwap system will enable a reusable coffee cup experience for over 28,000 people attending the event, diverting thousands of disposable coffee cups from landfill over the weekend. Huskee will also be an exhibitor selling Huskee products including its HuskeeCup and recently released HuskeeRenew range.

Good Food and Wine Show aims to display the best of food and wine, with hundreds of stands, masterclasses, and chef demonstrations.

For more information, visit the Huskee website.

Source: Bean Scene Mag

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