Correction to June + July 2024 Barista Magazine


Dear Readers,

The new June + July 2024 issue of Barista Magazine contains an inaccuracy that we would like to apologize for and correct.

In paragraph 3 on page 81 of the article “Inclusivity in Coffee,” we misgendered Mikey Rinaldo. This was the fault of Barista Magazine, not the writer, Jaxson Schor. We apologize for any harm or pain we may have caused to Mikey, Jaxson, and all those who identify as queer and/or are invested in the queer community.

We do our best to produce the highest quality publication we can, and to correct errors upon discovering them as we are able. We have updated the digital version of the June + July 2024 issue to this effect.


Kenneth R. Olson
Barista Magazine

Kenneth R. Olson (he/him) is co-founder and publisher of Barista Magazine the worldwide trade magazine for the professional coffee community. He has written extensively about specialty coffee, traveled near and far for stories, activities, and fun, and been invited to present on topics important to coffee culture. He is also an avid fan of the Portland Trail Blazers, the Washington Huskies, and public libraries.

Source: Barista Magazine

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