Coffee Complex on why its Australia’s premier coffee machine partner


Coffee Complex

Image: Coffee Complex

Since 2009, Coffee Complex has been passionate about bringing the best coffee experiences to homes and offices across Australia. The company imports and retails high-quality home coffee machines and offers comprehensive office coffee machine installations and service.

As an Australian family-owned business built from a shared love of coffee, Coffee Complex is a coffee machine importer, supplier, repairer, and manufacturer located in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Founded and established by Domenic Maione, the business has expanded its product portfolio significantly, with a promise to bring the best coffee machines into the homes and business of their customers.

Coffee Complex offers service and preventative maintenance plans, as well as 24/7 customer support, stocking office coffee machine brands like HLF, Kalerm, Saeco and Dr Coffee, Eversys and more.

After many years in the industry, the team at Coffee Complex have built strong relationships within the market, working closely with a network of resellers and service agents across the country. With years of experience and expertise up their sleeves, they have established themselves as a trusted supplier and partner in the coffee industry.

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Source: Bean Scene Mag

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