Campos Coffee launches Lab Series second edition


Campos Coffee has launched the second edition of its Lab Series. The new edition, ‘Speciality Robusta’, is the company’s first Vietnamese coffee selection.

Campos Coffee hopes that this new addition challenges the idea that Robusta is a simpler and more inferior product compared to other coffees.

“Robusta is often overlooked because of its traditionally unfavourable cupping quality, which traces directly to the way it is processed,” says Campos Head of Coffee Adam Matheson. “What makes our speciality Robusta coffee so special is the careful harvest and processing methods that would typically only be seen with very high-quality Arabica coffees, with each of the coffee cherries being hand-picked to ensure all of them are fully ripe.”

The coffee itself comes from Cư M’gar, a rural district of Đắk Lắk province in the central highlands region of Vietnam. The name translates to “volcano” as they are visually present in the area. This also means that the soil in the area is made with fertile minerals, which leads to perfect conditions for coffee growing.

“In all our years of searching, this is hands down the best Robusta we’ve ever tried. There is great potential for this important variety, not only for its resilience but for the powerful flavour experience it can bring, we are very proud for it to be a part of our new Lab Series,” says Adam.

The Robusta produced differs from others of its kind, with a range of different flavours such as tropical fruits, dark chocolates, spice, roasted nuts. According to Campos Coffee, the speciality Robusta is an especially intense espresso that excels when combined with milk

The Lab Series Speciality Robusta can be purchased at Campos Coffee’s flagship cafe locations in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, as well as on the company’s website.

Source: Bean Scene Mag

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