CafeSmart week begins


CafeSmart kicks off its 2023 campaign from 1 to 7 August as part of Homelessness Week 2023, with more than 650 cafés participating around the countries, and a number of events taking place across the country.

The weeklong event, organised by social enterprise StreetSmart Australia, is an annual fundraiser that look to prevent and respond to homelessness in Australia.

One dollar from every coffee sold on Friday 4 August will go towards CafeSmart. The money raised will stay local and support grassroot homelessness resources, such as medical care, food, employment training and housing

“Every dollar invested in StreetSmart creates a 3.8 social return on the community. If on average a coffee is $5, it creates close to $20 in social return. The power of one cup of coffee is huge,” says Cynthia Mac Caddon, Partnerships Manager of StreetSmart Australia.

Coffee Roasters including Axil Coffee are marking CafeSmart week with a fundraising event at its Melbourne Central store on 1 August. Toby’s Estate in Sydney is also hosting activities on CafeSmart’s opening day and encouraging donations throughout the week.

Participating cafés are encouraged to dress in yellow and to decorate their venues to celebrate the occasion.

Vitasoy has launched co-branded packaging of Barista’s Choice by Vitasoy Almond Milk in support of CafeSmart. The limited-edition pack will be available to the market in August.

Roasters are also raising funds per kilogram from the sale of blends to show their support, such as Padre Coffee.

Last year, each CafeSmart participant helped raise a total of $159,000, and Cynthia has strong hopes for this year’s event.

“It’s just one week when we can all do something meaningful. I’m confident the coffee industry will back up this great event with more brands wanting to be part of it. Sign up, create awareness, and cover yourself in yellow. Tell your colleagues, go to a café, and talk about CafeSmart, and let’s break some fundraising records,” she says.

More than 122,494 people are estimated to be experiencing homelessness, according to Streetsmart. Fifty-eight per cent of those affected are under the age of 35.

This year marks the 13th year of CafeSmart. To find your local CafeSmart café or donate online by clicking here.

Source: Bean Scene Mag

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