BeanScene’s October Feature Automation in Action


Technology is impacting the Australian coffee industry more than ever before, helping it evolve and push boundaries we never thought possible.

Automation’s role in coffee has been growing for years and in today’s environment, businesses are looking for ways to improve workflow consistency, efficiency and quality production at speed, and at volume.

But what does it mean for your business?

BeanScene wants to explore the evolution of automation and how this technology is advancing the industry for all the right reasons across the supply chain, in:

  • Processing and production at origin
  • Freight and logistics
  • Coffee roasting, and pilot plants
  • Coffee grinding
  • Automatic coffee machines
  • Milk texturing
  • Coffee preparation and service
  • Telemetry, recording and data collection

We invite you to share what automated solutions you have to offer.

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your products and services with our readers.

Expressions of interest will close on 31 August 2023. To secure your place, or for more information, please contact:

Adele Haywood
Business Development Manager
+61 403 500 544

Source: Bean Scene Mag

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