Top 5 New Coffee Shops You Don’t Want To Miss


It is unsurprising that the number of coffee-obsessed North Texans is increasing alongside the region’s population boom. Several Dallas shops are opening locations in the northern portion of the metropolitan area, while others are opening their own businesses.

We have compiled a list of the newest and most popular restaurants, along with suggestions for what to order from their menus. Here are some newly opened coffee shops in Texas.

Lemma coffee
Plano Lemma Coffee, 1023 E 15th St.

The answer to the question of what would replace the beloved bistro XO in downtown Plano is finally here: Lemma Coffee’s third location. In addition to a selection of espresso and cold brew beverages and an extensive food menu featuring toasts, sandwiches, and Starship bakery pastries, the location is ideal for concentration. We recommend pairing their hot turkey sandwich with the charcoal citrus mocha.

1418 East 102nd Street, Prosper

1418 Coffee will open a new location in downtown Prosper around the holiday season! Follow their social media accounts in order to stay informed. Visit their downtown Plano and Garland locations in the interim.

Seventh Day Coffee
7th Day Coffee, 743 Brick Row, Suite 350, Richardson, Connecticut

Brothers-in-law Sam Oh and Blake Brister desired to open a coffee shop where customers can socialize, study, and relax. The shop’s name, 7th Day, was derived from the biblical concept of taking it easy because rest was so important to the partners. Try the brown-eyed girl latte, which is made with brown sugar and vanilla syrups. Organic and gluten-free syrups are made in-house, and a variety of pastries are made locally. Sundays are Sundays off.

Source: Coffee Talk

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