Tom Hanks’ New Coffee Brand Supports Veterans In A Major Way


Tom Hanks is no stranger to portraying soldiers in films, but now he’s taking his service off-screen with a new line of products that benefits veterans. Hanks has just announced Hanx For Our Troops, a coffee and packaged goods brand that will donate all of its profits to veteran organizations, according to People.

The first rollout of products from Hanx will include three coffee blends: First Class Joe, SGT. Peppermint, and Tom’s Morning Magic Blend. Tom’s Morning Magic Blend, described as a “magical elixir,” was inspired by the Oscar winner’s childhood morning ritual of drinking coffee with a little milk and a dash of chocolate malt.

“Malt is the clincher! I will never forget my first sip of coffee enhanced with a touch of milk and chocolate malt. School mornings were never quite as dreary again. You will set your alarm to enjoy this magical elixir as soon as possible “In a quote featured on the Hanx website, Hanks stated.

Hanx donates an impressive 100 percent of profits to veteran organizations such as the Bob Woodruff Foundation and Student Veterans of America, and their website provides a detailed explanation of how this will be accomplished. A message on the Hanx website states, “Beyond our operational upkeep and necessary business expenses, all earnings (profits) will go towards a community of trusted organizations that provide support to veterans and their families.”

For anyone hoping to enjoy a cup of Tom’s Morning Magic Blend or other Hanx coffee this holiday season, the products will go on sale in early December. The coffee will be available as grounds, pods, or instant coffee sticks.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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