This Mr. Coffee mini brewer is only $15 on Amazon


Coffee is the most popular morning beverage in the United States. I wouldn’t be typing this if I hadn’t already consumed at least one cup of coffee this morning. Therefore, a coffee maker is essential to American culture. In addition to my primary coffee bar at home, I also purchased a smaller one for my office desk.

Today, Amazon is offering this Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brew Coffee Maker for $14.99 with this promotion.

This compact coffee maker is ideal for small kitchens with limited counter space (or the office!). However, don’t let its small size deter you; it can easily produce enough coffee for one or two 12-ounce cups.

It is simple to operate with a single button and has an automatic 2-hour shutoff so that it will not remain on all day even if you forget to turn it off. Among the coolest features of this coffee maker is the Grab-a-Cup Auto Pause function, which allows you to pour yourself a cup of coffee during the brewing process.

Because there is no real standard for the size of “cups,” coffee makers are one of the oddest products on the market. As this is a 5-cup coffee maker, you may believe it produces 40 ounces (since a liquid cup is 8 ounces), but as stated previously, it produces 25 ounces. Which is sufficient for two to three regular-sized cups of coffee.

If you’re in the market for a new coffee maker, head over to Amazon and take advantage of this deal to purchase a brand-new Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brew machine for just $14.99.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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