This Is How You Can Score Free or Discounted Coffee From Your Favorite Coffee Shops


There is no greater source of dopamine than scoring a good deal or discount, or even better, getting something for free. It can literally make your day. I recall with fondness the day last summer when I found $9 on the ground in the parking lot of my local ice cream shop and then used it to purchase ice cream. It enhanced the flavor of my double scoop of butter pecan ice cream in a waffle cone.

The glad tidings? There is no need to pray that you stumble upon some crumpled cash in a parking lot in order to feel a sense of financial fulfillment. You can achieve the same level of satisfaction by purchasing a cup of coffee (or latte, or matcha, or your preferred beverage) from your local coffee shop for less money.

Here are five ways to obtain discounted or complimentary coffee. You are very welcome!

Starbucks benefits

Sign up immediately if you are an avid Starbucks customer who is not already enrolled in its rewards program. It’s gratis. When seated in-store, you’ll receive complimentary coffee and tea refills and earn one star (or two stars when paying with a preloaded Starbucks card) for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. These stars can later be redeemed for complimentary food and beverages. 25 stars may be redeemed for an extra shot of espresso, and 150 stars may be redeemed for a beverage or treat (breakfast sandwich or parfait). More good news: on your birthday, you will receive a free beverage or food item.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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