This Ingenious Gadget Brews Coffee On the Go — No Filters Required


As a native of the Midwest, my family vacations have traditionally involved extensive driving. Unlike my friends on the East Coast, I cannot simply hop in my car and drive two hours to a beach or popular tourist destination. Therefore, coffee is required before every road trip. If I wait to have my first cup of coffee of the day, there is a high probability that I will be surrounded by cornfields with no Starbucks in sight.

If you have encountered similar difficulties, I am pleased to inform you that you no longer need to delay your caffeine consumption until you reach a more developed area. This is not a recommendation to bring instant coffee. Although I do not consider myself to be an espresso connoisseur, I would not advise you to subject your taste buds to something so bitter. Instead, there is a handy little device on Amazon that allows you to prepare piping hot, delectable coffee anywhere you have access to hot water. Yet intrigued? Let’s get into it.

JoGo Portable Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw Product Image
Portable Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw for JoGo

The JoGo brewing straw is, in essence, a pocket-sized French press. It is made of stainless steel and requires neither pods nor paper filters. Insert the straw into a cup containing hot water and coffee grounds, and begin sipping. A filter at the bottom prevents you from ingesting the grounds, while a silicone tip regulates the beverage’s temperature to prevent burns and prevents tooth discoloration. Moreover, the straw’s usefulness extends beyond coffee. One reviewer stated, “I love this product, and not just for traveling.” “It is ideal for preparing a quick cup of coffee, maté, or herbal tea at home with significantly less cleanup than a French press or coffee pot. No counter space necessary!

In addition, there is no delay if you are rushing to get to work. Again, simply place the ingredients in a portable cup, insert the straw, and go. No more exertion or inactivity. And despite the fact that my family vacations never included camping, I’m certain that outdoorsy types will appreciate this device immensely. “Decided to get [the straw] to take backpacking because it eliminates the need to carry paper coffee filters, deal with a finicky pour-over system, and (most importantly) NOT have to resort to instant coffee in the woods,” explained one reviewer. While I have not yet used it on the trail, I have used it at home to get the hang of it, and I really like it. It is extremely simple to use.” In essence, there is no mess or bother. It’s only a matter of time before you, like many Amazon customers who purchased the brewing straw, can’t imagine life without it.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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