This Heirloom-Quality Coffee Grinder Will Make You Rethink Your Morning Workflow


Douglas Weber of Weber Workshops, a company known for its high-end coffee gear, is renowned for his mission to “redefine quality in the specialty coffee industry.” The company’s latest manual coffee grinder, the HG-2 Mk2, is driven by the mission to “challenge the status quo” and strive for continuous improvement. The HG-2 Mk2 retains the 83mm Mazzer burrs but introduces a new bottom bearing and increases the loading capacity by 30 percent, making it more versatile for pour-overs. It also houses Weber Workshop’s static-reducing Magic Tumbler, eliminating the need to perform RDT (Ross Droplet Technique).

Manual coffee grinders have largely fallen out of fashion due to their time and effort required. However, some enthusiasts still favor them over their electrical counterparts, as they allow users to dial in every part of their coffee-making workflow and connect to the brewing process in a way that the button on a machine will never match. Hand grinders are quieter and do not heat up the beans as much as automatic grinders, which typically introduce more friction and raises the temperature of the grounds briefly.

The HG-2 Mk2 is available in two finishes: silver and black Onyx, with an integrated cleaning brush and starting at $1,595 (the black finish carries a $155 premium). While the grinder is an investment piece, many coffee drinkers would argue that it deserves consideration, as it often does more to impact the final flavor of coffee than the brewer. With Weber Workshops, there’s no doubt you’re paying for the best.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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