The 20 Best Coffee Mugs for Superior At-Home Sipping


One of the most fun things you can do on the internet is shop, obviously, and the experience is made all the better when you’re building a collection—a collection of anything. That means you can pretty much always be on the low-key lookout, and buy only when you find something that suits you perfectly. And, honestly, the high you get from curating a collection of cool coffee mugs is robust enough to be considered a hobby.

Does collecting coffee mugs feel geriatric? Sure. Is it significant? Not after this world we’ve been in, it doesn’t. We’re spending a lot more mornings at home, which means investing in items that feel special—that we actually use—is worth all the time, attention, and money we’re willing to spend on it. Coffee mugs are part of the experience of drinking coffee, as essential as the roast and brew.

Whether you’re a coffee-brewing pro (read more on becoming one here) or you’re just looking for a vessel without any chips in it, we’ve rounded up the 20 best—and best-looking—mugs for at-home coffee, tea, and other hot beverages of your choosing.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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