Suicides spark coffee group aiming to help men open up about their struggles


After losing two acquaintances to suicide this year, Dave Ashworth felt compelled to take action.

The father of two founded the New Plymouth branch of For All The Brothers, an organization founded by Zane Munro in Auckland, where men meet every Monday morning for coffee and conversation.

“About a year ago, my wife mentioned the possibility of launching a similar venture, but I wasn’t in a position to pursue it.

“Recently, these last few suicides, particularly in the surfing community, where I was sharing waves with him one day and then hearing about it the next, were close to home, so I thought that something must be done.”

Ashworth stated that For All The Brothers was a safe space for men to discuss topics such as depression, anxiety, and financial stress, which men do not discuss enough.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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