Raise that cuppa! Reusable, shatter-proof coffee cups made out of coffee are the ultimate ode to the world’s most loved beverage


When did you last consume coffee? It was likely an hour or two ago, or you’re sipping it as you read this article. As the third-most consumed beverage in the world, it can be difficult for many individuals to resist the urge to consume the beverage multiple times per day. And increased consumption results in an increase in the number of cups used to transport the beverage, thereby posing an additional obstacle in the fight against climate change.
Coffee Kreis, a Florida-based company with roots in Colombia, has created a sustainable and durable coffee cup known as the Kreis Cup to address this issue.

The Kreis Cup is a reusable cup made from coffee grounds and plant-based materials, and it is available in both cup and travel-mug styles. In fact, thirty percent of its composite material comes from used coffee grounds. It is made without plastics derived from petroleum, is heat-resistant, and keeps coffee hot for an extended period of time.
This new cup is biodegradable, as opposed to the disposable plastic cups widely available at local coffee chains and shops. At the conclusion of its useful life, the Kreis Cup decomposes into the soil without producing any waste.

To further its mission, Coffee Kreis seeks to collect as much spent coffee ground from restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops as possible in order to prevent such waste from entering the waste stream. Instead of harming the environment, used coffee grounds will be repurposed into something new and durable.

“We have partnered with a number of coffee shops that will provide spent coffee grounds once production begins. We combine PLA derived from renewable resources with a reinforcing agent, compatibilizer, lubricant, and anti-oxidants. Ricardo Garcia, co-founder and co-CEO of Coffee Kreis, stated in a Daily Coffee News article that all of the materials used are derived from renewable or organic sources, with no petroleum-based plastics.

Kreis Cups not only recycle coffee grounds that would otherwise end up in landfills, but they also significantly reduce human reliance on travel mugs and cups. Because Kreis Cups are reusable, fewer disposable plastic or paper cups are used throughout the day, resulting in less waste. Once they have served their purpose, they can be safely decomposed into the ground, leaving behind nothing but nutrient-rich soil fertilizer.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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