Probat Launches Industrial-Scale Neptune 1000 Drum Roaster

Probat Neptune 1000 roaster 2

German coffee roaster manufacturer Probat has released the Neptune 1000, the second-largest traditional drum-style roaster in its industrial line of roasting machinery.

Falling in between the recently released Px 120 and the larger Neptune 1500, which boast hourly capacities of 500 and 1,500 kilograms of coffee, respectively, the Neptune 1000 can reach 1,000 kilograms per hour.

According to Emmerich-based Probat, the machine accommodates batch capacities between 110 and 220 kilos, with desirable results in time ranges anywhere from 6 to 20 minutes.

Probat Industrial roasterProbat Industrial roaster

In terms of branding, the Neptune carries on the planetary theme, as established by even larger machines in the Probat industrial line, the Jupiter tangential-style roaster and the Saturn centrifugal-style roaster.

A Probat spokesperson declined to disclose any pricing information for the new machine.

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The Neptune 1000 comes equipped with Probat-made cyclones for air treatment and chaff collection as well as an air recirculation system designed to increase efficiency.

Through a series of marketing materials and in a public launch event yesterday, Probat is also highlighting the machine’s new features related to cleaning and maintenance, particularly in regards to parts accessibility through numerous openings and built-in maintenance points.

Nico MoedeNico Moede

“Avoiding contamination of the end product is a key requirement in hygiene-critical production environments,” Probat Project Development Manager Nico Moede said in an announcement of the new machine. “Listening closely to our customers and service engineers was key to developing the innovative hygienic design of the NEPTUNE 1000, which allows for maximum availability.”

In addition to its latest large-scale industrial machines, Probat has also been active over the past two years in adding to its line of smaller-scale “shop” roasters, including introducing the P05 III and the P12 III models, introducing Cropster integration for those P-series roasters, and debuting its first electric-heated production roaster, the P05 E.

Probat Neptune 1000 roasterProbat Neptune 1000 roaster

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Source: Daily Coffee News

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