Peter Pan Donut and Edith’s have created a delicious tahini and coffee donut


What occurs when two outstanding local food suppliers join forces? New Yorkers are treated to a culinary masterpiece that is inventive, delectable, and memorable. Exhibit A: the iced cafe coffee and tahini donut from Edith’s and Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop, two beloved establishments in Brooklyn.

The dessert is meant to evoke Edith’s popular coffee tahini slushie. It is made with a standard sour cream cake donut from Peter Pan.

Demetri Siafakas, a member of the family that owns the traditional Greenpoint bakery, reveals that he uses a mixture of Greek and Turkish coffee (two similar varieties), sugar, and “some other ingredients” to create a glaze that captures the “rich cultural flavor of the coffee without making it too sweet.” The expert drizzles tahini on top of the donut to evoke the slushie’s “rich brown color with ribbons of off-white tahini.”

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Source: Coffee Talk

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