Peet’s coffee introduces “Summer of Jelly” with plant-based Boba-inspired coffee and tea menu


Today, Peet’s Coffee introduces its Summer of Jelly menu, which celebrates the flavour, colour, and customization of boba-inspired coffee and tea beverages. Peet’s introduces a new line of plant-based coffee and tea customised beverages with Brown Sugar Jelly for a refreshing flavour and texture in response to the rising demand for boba-inspired speciality drinks among younger U.S. consumers1. Jelly is completely plant-based and is now a permanent menu option at Peet’s, where it can be added to any cold beverage. From the new Brown Sugar Cold Brew Oat Latte to the Citrus Green Tea Shaker with Brown Sugar Jelly, Peet’s summer menu offers the customization and bright layers that Jelly and boba fans crave, paired with Peet’s aromatic, freshly roasted coffee and tea options.

“Jelly beverages are a refreshing treat that can be imagined and enjoyed in an infinite number of flavour and colour combinations, particularly during the summer,” said Senior Beverage Innovator Patrick Main. “At Peet’s, our Brown Sugar Jelly is made entirely from plant-based ingredients and can be added to any cold beverage for a refreshing sweetness, irresistible texture, and luscious layers that look and taste delicious.”

Peet’s Coffee unveils its new Summer of Jelly menu, which highlights the refreshing flavour, vibrant colours, and unique customization of boba-inspired coffee and tea drinks.
Included in Peet’s Summer of Jelly products are:

Brown Sugar Jelly – Addition permanent
Peet’s Coffee introduces fun, plant-based Brown Sugar Jelly to add refreshing sweetness and texture to iced coffee and tea. Designed for customization, their bouncy texture can be added to any iced drink to add a bit of fun to each sip.

Permanent addition of Brown Sugar Cold-Brew Oat Latte
Brown Sugar with a layer of creamy oat milk and a float of Peet’s signature bold and juicy Baridi Cold Brew. Served with new Brown Sugar Jelly and ice to create a dynamic and entertaining experience.

Iced Cane Sugar Permanent addition of Matcha Oat Latte
Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea is highly regarded for its distinctive flavour and velvety consistency. Here, it is frosted and layered with Brown Sugar jelly, syrup, and oat milk.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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