Pachamama: A Coffee Company Like No Other

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Pachamama is a small coffee house located at the farthest end of downtown Davis, serving only the highest quality, ethically sourced coffee. The cafe is a unique destination that offers a unique blend of coffee, art, and a sense of peace. The faces of the coffee farmers on the wall are actually the owners, who live in Peru, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Being part of a cooperative allows the farmers to control their coffee prices and manage the quality of the coffee they produce, acting as both buyers and sellers. This fosters community and allows them to work together to efficiently solve any problems within the supply chain. The international market for coffee is historically oversaturated with low-quality beans sourced unethically from underpaid farmers, and the coffee plantations themselves are increasingly affected by rising temperatures and climate change. A business like Pachamama brings shade-grown organic coffee directly from the farmer to the customer, making the coffee priced for what it is worth and directly into the pockets of the farmers.

While the beverages at Pachamama are slightly above other coffee shops in Davis, they are truly worth the spend. The virtuosity of the company’s mission, the care with which they handle their product, and the quick and quality service all work to create a model for what all coffee companies should strive to be: a business that prioritizes ethical sourcing and worker compensation at every step along the way.

Writer Maya Kornyeyeva is grateful to have stumbled upon Pachamama and received not only a stellar cup of coffee but also a story — a tale of how coffee is not just a product to be sold on the shelf but the livelihood of thousands of people. While the Davis Pachamama may be located on the outskirts of downtown Davis, it is absolutely a destination to be discovered and enjoyed.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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