On the Edge: Coffee in a cardboard cup


I believe that the problem with the world today is coffee in a cardboard cup. — Kander and Ebb song

The entire world is now made of cardboard, including politics, movies, and television, and even our automobiles. Scratch a Toyota Prius to understand my point.

So it’s not surprising that Starbucks and its renowned cardboard cups are experiencing difficulties.

Not the coffee itself. The coffee is excellent, and the cups are leak-proof.

I cannot comment on the coffee; I only purchase hot chocolate.

The wait staff is in distress. It varies weekly, sometimes between customers, but this is a universal occurrence.

The sign on the door of Supercuts is immediately adjacent. “There is a worldwide labor shortage. Be courteous to those who appear,” it states. Is it not the case?

The bartenders. Currently, I have only memorized six names. Lisa, the manager, is like the captain of the Titanic, where new icebergs appear every day.

A story that resembles the Bible. When Cain murdered Abel, Adam questioned, “What is wrong with that child?”

Eve shrugged, bit into her apple, and responded, “Children today.”

Let’s give ’em credit. Starbucks baristas have the cutest aprons in town, so wherever a window slides open and someone hands you a cup of coffee that you ordered from a faceless voice on a box, be sure to leave a tip.

All fast food and beverage establishments employ young individuals who would rather be elsewhere.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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