New multi-purpose cafe Whatever Coffee opens in Sham Shui Po


Adding to Sham Shui Po’s ever-expanding list of cafes and coffee shops, Whatever Coffee is a new multi-purpose cafe that aims to enhance the coffee-drinking experience by hosting monthly exhibitions that are both fun and exciting. To kick things off, Whatever Coffee has collaborated with a local art and design firm, No Paper Studio, to co-host ‘My Daughter’s vs My Childhood Memories,’ an exhibition highlighting the differences in childhood memories between generations.

The artworks, which were inspired by vintage Hong Kong movie posters, combine pop culture elements with vintage aesthetics such as Chinese calligraphy and hand-painted graphics.

From the childhood hero of the late 1990s, Ultraman Tiga, to the biggest pop stars in town today, the Mirror boys, this series of comedic posters illustrates the evolution of local culture over the past quarter-century and encourages dialogue between generations.

Lemon Iced Tea
Those who prefer complex coffee flavours should try the Espresso Tonic, which has a bittersweet aftertaste and a full-bodied body. Those who need to quench their thirst on a hot summer day should order the lemon cold brew and savour the citrous flavours expertly blended into a bold espresso.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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